The monies coming but where will it go?


The Prime Minister announced a £61.4 million pound fund towards reducing plastic waste as she prepared for a meeting of Commonwealth leaders. Theresa May will ask the 52 representatives to sign up to a Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance, which aims to help developing Commonwealth nations improve their waste management.

Sky and the National Geographic magazine have also joined forces to tackle the issue of plastic pollution by offering $10 million fund, which is part of Sky Ocean ventures launched in March to “solve the ocean plastic crisis”.

Where is all this money going?

Well the UK government has provided a breakdown:

  • £25m of the fund will be used to help researchers investigate the issue of marine plastic from a scientific, economic and social perspective.

  • A further £20m will be used to curb plastic and other environmental pollution generated by manufacturing in developing countries and prevent it entering the oceans.

  • The remaining £16.4m will be devoted to improving waste management at a national and a city level to stop plastics entering the water.

Nation Geographic representative Jonathan Baillie has said  “By 2025, Sky and National Geographic will have helped to bring pledges of people taking action to reduce their own plastic footprint, helped transform the way businesses deal with their supply chain and innovation as far as plastic is concerned and will have invested in or supported technologies with high potential to be transformational.”

It appears that part of the fund will support a grant scheme for the research and development of alternative materials that will reduce plastic production, alongside ideas for eliminating the current plastic waste problem.

There is a great deal of potential here, let’s hope it is not wasted. I will follow the progress of both projects and provide updates in due course.

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