April’s  Plastic Footprint

(tips and ideas to reduce plastic use)

  1. Use a bamboo or wheat straw toothbrush.
  2. Buy olive oil in a can and decant some into a glass and steel oil spray.
  3. Avoid tea bags by using a tea strainer
  4. Grow some of your own fruit and vegetables
  5. Use reusable natural fibre bags for shopping.


  1. Each of us will throw away about 12 pounds of plastic toothbrushes in our lifetime, based on 4 toothbrushes per year and average life expectancy.
    There are 6.8 billion people on the planet
    Plastic toothbrush waste generated during our lifetime = 80 billion pounds.
  2. A lot of the hard plastic spray element of plastic, ready filled, oil spray bottles is not generally recyclable,  and getting the top off to recycle the bottle underneath can be difficult. A reusable bottle is far better than a recyclable one.
  3. A  relatively small amount of polypropylene is used to seal most teabags but, when you consider the 6 billion cups of tea that are brewed up every year in the UK, we are looking at around 150 tonnes of microplastic entering food waste compost collections or simply going to landfill.
  4. Most supermarkets will not be able to provide recyclable packaging for all their fruit and veg products until 2025. Very few items are currently sold loose or unpackaged, making markets or growing your own a better option.
  5. England’s plastic bag usage has dropped 85% since the 5p charge was introduced, which means 6 billion fewer bags have entered the environment, which if laid end to end would go around the world 75 times, and weigh the same as 300 blue whales! Natural fibre bags biodegrade whereas some reusable shoppers are made of heavy-duty plastic and won’t.

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