Hi, I’m Sarah May and I am the CEO of the Plastic Free Company. When I hit 50 I went through a massive revaluation of my life. I realised if ever I was going to fulfill my life ambitions now was the time. I knew that I wanted my own business but why? Aside from all the obvious work-life balance arguments, it was the opportunity to do something bold and inspire my daughter, whilst doing something positive for the planet.

The Plastic Free Company was an obvious place for me to start as I have always been appalled by waste and pollution. Plastic is the most significant contributor to non-degradable waste and it is everywhere! I found that it was extremely difficult to source many everyday items that were free from plastic or plastic packaging.  So, I decided to launch the Plastic Free Company and make it easier for concerned, but busy, consumers to reduce their plastic footprint.

However, it soon became obvious that despite manufacturers making fantastic eco-friendly products they were unable to ditch the plastic packaging completely. At first, I requested products without any plastic packaging and after months of waiting, I realised that this was going to be a slow process of change and that if I wanted to start my business I was going to have to accept some plastic packaging for the present. So here is my packaging policy:

  • If I buy a product in bulk that has some plastic packaging (usually a polythene bag) I will re-package the product in smaller retail amounts, using plastic free packaging and recycle any plastic waste.
  • I will always endeavor to find the best product with the least amount of plastic in the packaging.
  • If I receive individual items in plastic, for example – the wheat straw toothbrushes which I managed to source in a cardboard box (as opposed to a plastic tube) but they still came in a  plastic film wrapper- then I will leave that packaging in place. In some cases, the argument for keeping the wrappers is hygiene purposes, which I understand but I will keep pushing for a reduction in plastic packaging and alternative materials to be used.

Plastic waste is high on the nation’s agenda and so many of us are passionate about eliminating the problem. I would love you to share tips and ideas you have for plastic free living, or if you have any plastic free products for sale that I can promote then please contact me.

Many thanks for your time,