The monies coming but where will it go?


The Prime Minister announced a £61.4 million pound fund towards reducing plastic waste as she prepared for a meeting of Commonwealth leaders. Theresa May will ask the 52 representatives to sign up to a Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance, which aims to help developing Commonwealth nations improve their waste management.

Sky and the National Geographic magazine have also joined forces to tackle the issue of plastic pollution by offering $10 million fund, which is part of Sky Ocean ventures launched in March to “solve the ocean plastic crisis”. Continue reading

Scientists Have Accidentally Created a Mutant Enzyme That Eats Plastic Waste


Back in 2016 microbes that had evolved to eat plastic were discovered living in the soil of a plastic recycling plant in Japan. While scientists examined these bacteria they created an enzyme that is even more successful at breaking down plastic, than the original microbe, offering hope of a new way to reduce plastic waste. Continue reading